Saturday, January 10, 2015

Uapindikiraije I am not angry, but I have both sadness and happiness during the last holiday

Christmas is time we all celebrate with our beloved family, is time one would go back to the place of origin , a time to get out of urban life and even to get lid of computer screen start living natural life like our forefathers for a while a especial for us who grew-up in rural areas.
I wishes you all a happy New Year, prosperous 2015 and the driver without a map is prone to get lost; therefore lets develop our yearly plans and work towards our plans. I quote Nelson Mandela said ‘’nothing possible until is done’’ today we have 11 months to go and if we align what we are doing everyday with our plan we will achieve a lot.
  • My cousin went missing at Palmfontein village and found dead in middle of nowhere. He was a boy with 13 years old. My cousin rest in peace.
  • My grand (in red dress illustrated in picture below) had depression after hearing the death of my cousin and she was seriously ill and hospitalized for a 6 days in Oshakati hospital. Thanks God that she has recovered from illness.
  • Due to my busy schedule throughout 2014, I feeling pity of not chatting to Nebraska friends and I am sorry for that. 
  • A bird destroyed my car windscreen when I was on way to Kamanjab during December 2014 holiday and I drove with a poor vision wind screen for 350km.


  •  Spending  3 days at farm with my family.
  •  Witnessing Kaambuu wedding with Father-Bocky.
  • Celebrating New year's eve at farm with sleepless night burning old tyres, elephant’s dungs as firework to celebrate a new year's eve.
  • To return to Oshakati Conservation Agriculture Namibia Head Office well rest and renewed.
Memory of 2014
  • One of my  best friend  Dr. Drew Conroy visiting me at the farm after 6 year without seeing each other.

  • Having joke with American soldiers (I.P.A team).
  • Celebrating 2014 New Year 's eve in Germany with my best friend Tate John.
  • Moved to Oshakati from Opuwo to work on the Rangeland, Livestock, Marketing, Cropping Development Support Project for the duration of 2.5 years.
  • Being associated with a hard working colleagues (Landu, Leoba, and Siska) although they are women I am the only man in the office and eish no gender balance.
Witticisms of 2014
  •  A man must eat meat

  • Time is not on our side.
  • ‘’Sikito’’ composed during 2014 new year's eve celebration in Germany.
  • Pensioner (My friend John).

Best wishes,

Uapii Kazahe

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